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R v4 recommend for running HADES package

(Martijn Schuemie) #1

R version 4 has been released a while ago. Even though the HADES packages themselves don’t contain features that specifically require this new version, there are now several dependencies of the HADES packages that do explicitly require R version 4.

I therefore recommend people upgrade to R version 4 (for example v4.0.3). When upgrading, be aware that in Windows you will also need to update RTools. Typically each new version of R comes with a new version of RTools. For instructions on installing R and RTools, see the HADES website or this video.

In general, the HADES packages are design to be compatible with the latest version of R and the packags in CRAN, so it is always recommended to keep up-to-date (unless you are running an older study package, in which case you should follow the study package instructions for installing the required versions).