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R and Achilles version problem

(Vojtech Huser) #1

In AoU workbench, if I install latest achilles using install_github - I run into problem with XML package install.

However, with the first approach not working, I am able to do the below


But, I get version 1.4 (not the latest).

Can someone please explain that?
What is drat and how we push updates to it and why Achilles latest version is not there?

Here is session info after the above commands.

(Ajit Londhe) #2

Hmm, not as familiar with the mechanics of drat. @schuemie for Achilles do we need to register versions with drat?

(Martijn Schuemie) #3

A while back a change in the travis R image made it necessary to add devtools here. (See for example FeatureExtraction).

Once this is fixed, a new version will be pushed to drat every time a DESCRIPTION file is pushed to master with a higher version number than the latest git tag. At the same time, a new git tag is created. (To get there, the build must pass R check)

Note that for R packages, the practice is to maintain release notes in a NEWS.md file, like here.

Also note that a best practice is to not allow any warnings in R check. i recommend removing this line, and of course fixing the warnings that currently exist.