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Quick Question about OMOP CDM Vocabulary

Hi all,

I quite new here in OMOP CDM (still studying).
I have a noob question, according to OMOP CDM using SNOMED as a back-end (for mapping other coding system to relate to SNOMED), but in some country which is a non-member of a SNOMED.
Do we need to pay the license fee for SNOMED? or fee to OMOP CDM?

Thank you very much

Dear @PaoPao , welcome to OHDSI!
and it is not a noob question but something that many other people are interested in. There is one general post about it here and I think there is even a more detailed description of the rules around using SNOMED in non-member countries in an OMOP CDM environment. Let me see if I can find it. Or maybe @Christian_Reich has it and can share it.

Hi, @PaoPao. OHDSI (formally Columbia Coordinating Center) has a license for researchers around the world to use SNOMED CT for OHDSI research for free regardless of the country’s status. HOWEVER, it must only be used for OHDSI research and not for treatment and operations or other local uses. The license defines it as use of SNOMED CT in OHDSI products like ATLAS, but converting data to OMOP and then extracting them for local clinical use is not allowed. The intent is really OHDSI research. In return, OHDSI collaborates with the SNOMED organization and provides feedback.

@mik Thank you very much!

Hi @hripcsa
Thank you very much for your explanation. I have better understanding now.