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Questions about Mappping local codes to Standard YES/NO

Hi dear community,

I have fews questions about the mapping from local codes to Standard.
I have ->>
TOBACCO consumption user (YES/NO), in my local vocabulary, I have been searching in ATHENA, and I only can find [Tobacco user] 4005823 as concept id, What do you recomend me to do with the option NO??, if in my local system I am recording this YES and NO.

Thank you!!!

Concept 4005823 Tobacco user is in the Observation domain. Within the Observation record you can use value_as_concept_id to hold concepts representing Yes or No.


The OHDSI community doesn’t have specific conventions for tobacco data. So, you may use any semantically accurate, standard concept_id. Since tobacco usage rarely has accurate start and stop dates, finding standard concept_ids with a domain_id = ‘Observation’ will be most appropriate.

In addition to Don’s suggestion above, concept_id = 764150, tobacco non-user, is another option to represent your source data example.

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