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Questions about book exercises ch. 4 and 5


I’m very new to OHDSI, and am taking an introductory class. I’m curious to know about two answer choices in Chapter 4 and one in Chapter 5.

In Chapter 4, the listed answer in exercise 4.2 for PERIOD_TYPE_CONCEPT_ID is 44814722 (period while enrolled in insurance; a type concept / observation period type). I had thought 4085479 (private insurance held; an observation/clinical finding). I went with the latter because it was a Standard Concept, rather than the former, which was nonstandard.

Also in Chapter 4, exercise 4.3, for DRUG_TYPE_CONCEPT_ID I had listed 4126021 (prescription; observation/attribute; a Standard Concept), whereas the answer was 38000177 (prescription written; type concept/drug type), which was again a nonstandard concept.

I would appreciate clarification on the rationale in these cases!

In Chapter 5, exercise 5.3, I could not find any reference to the MedDRA terms in either ATLAS or Athena. What is the best way to search these terms?

(Dmytry Dymshyts) #2

@JDufhcc thanks for noticing these issues

Type concepts recently undergone a huge refactoring,
In short: now we don’t have separate vocabularies for each domain, but the one for all Type concepts for different domains. So the old concepts got deprecated and you need to use the new ones.
@Christian_Reich I don’t find any corresponding concept for “period while enrolled in insurance”, can we add something similar?
For excrercise 4.3 you may use EHR prescription
Please note, concepts you suggested don’t work as they have to have specific domain = ‘Type Concept’.

MedDRA is linence restricted, so the concepts can’t be seen without having a licence.

I’ll create an issue here

(Christian Reich) #3

That’s not provenance. Remember, the Type Concepts are those that can finish the sentence “This record was obtained from a …”. So, in this case it is Claim enrolment record, or just Claim.