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Question - Where can I get CMS SynPUF 5 % sample data(version 5.3.1)?

Hello, OHDSI Community:)

We are starter to study OMOP-CDM in Republic of Korea.
For studying, we need the sample data of OMOP-CDM(version 5.3.1).

We just found CMS SynPUF 5% sample data (only version 5.2.2) below the website address.
*Data Standardization – OHDSI

Could you guys let me know how to download the sample data of OMOP-CDM(version 5.3.1)?


You can use the sample data provided in the Eunomia package or generate your own using Synthea and ETL-Synthea.

Thank you, Frank:) I appreciate it.

I could download the sample data in the Eunomia and run Achilles using it successfully:)
however, I failed to get these table of “achilles_heel_result” and “achilles_results_derived”

I found below the post and saw ur comment “Achilles heel is no longer supported …”.
So, I wondered if I run Achilles whether it is not possible to get the tables recently.

I’m lookin forward ur reply:)

That is correct, you won’t find the achilles heel data. For data quality assessment you should run the DataQualityDashboard package which then provides the result as a json file or writes the results back to a new table.

Thank you, Frank:) I appreciate ur reply.

My co-worker really wants to get the Achilles heel report (Data Quality Messages) like the attached img.

He says it’s really helpful to improve Data quality when we check significant errors, notifications, warning in Achilles Heel Report.

Is there any way to get or see the Achilles heel report?

I’m lookin forward ur reply :slight_smile:

Not at this time. I suggest running the DQD package. It includes the legacy heel data as well as many improvements and additional quality checks.