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Question - Where can I get CMS SynPUF 5 % sample data(version 5.3.1)?

Hello, OHDSI Community:)

We are starter to study OMOP-CDM in Republic of Korea.
For studying, we need the sample data of OMOP-CDM(version 5.3.1).

We just found CMS SynPUF 5% sample data (only version 5.2.2) below the website address.
*Data Standardization – OHDSI

Could you guys let me know how to download the sample data of OMOP-CDM(version 5.3.1)?


You can use the sample data provided in the Eunomia package or generate your own using Synthea and ETL-Synthea.

Thank you, Frank:) I appreciate it.

I could download the sample data in the Eunomia and run Achilles using it successfully:)
however, I failed to get these table of “achilles_heel_result” and “achilles_results_derived”

I found below the post and saw ur comment “Achilles heel is no longer supported …”.
So, I wondered if I run Achilles whether it is not possible to get the tables recently.

I’m lookin forward ur reply:)

That is correct, you won’t find the achilles heel data. For data quality assessment you should run the DataQualityDashboard package which then provides the result as a json file or writes the results back to a new table.