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Question about the concept set for "Cohort #279, Persons hospitalized with COVID-19, broad, w/ prior observation"

(Melanie Philofsky) #1

I tried to find this topic on the forums, but couldn’t find a discussion regarding the creation of Cohort #279. I am not an Atlas expert, so maybe I am missing the concept set which includes the standard concept_ids for the LOINC codes for covid-19 tests. Only the pre-coordinated SNOMED covid-19 positive test result is included. I’m concerned because our EHR data only contains LOINC codes for lab results. Is this cohort in Atlas the most current version? Should I be looking at another definition?

(Andrew Williams) #2

The atlas version stood up for the study a thon is where you’ll find it.

(Melanie Philofsky) #3

Thank you for the reply, @Andrew!

I am looking on that version of Atlas. Particularly, I am reviewing Cohort definition #279 and concept sets # 1 & 2 “COVID-19 specific testing”. I was expecting to find the covid-19 LOINC codes in one of these concept sets.

Please point me to the concept sets (there are > 300) or the Cohort definition which has the LOINC codes. I think our researchers might be looking at the wrong Cohort definition for the study a then!