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Question about note table

(Wang Man) #1

Hi,guys!Sorry to bother you again,but I am a little confused about the field “encoding_concept_id” in the note table.It means “A foreign key to the predefined Concept in the Standardized Vocabularies reflecting the note character encoding type”.What is “character encoding type”?And how can I find its Concept ID?
Another question is about “note_id”.It’s “A unique identifier for each note”.But where might I find its Concept ID?Or how to generate the “note_id”?
Thank you guys in advance.

(Dmytry Dymshyts) #2

If you have other than UTF-8, please tell us.

it is not a concept. it is A unique identifier for each note. in other words - row id.

(Wang Man) #3

Thanks for your help!

I’ve asked our computer engineer.We also use UTF-8,and most system in Chian are using UTF-8.So I think “32678” is good.

Got it!

(Gil Frenkel) #4

Hi @Dymshyts!

I’m dealing with clinical documents which are written in Hebrew and English.
So except UTF-8 we also have ISO-8859-8.