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Question about event_id event_field_concept_id

(Wang Man) #1

Hi everyone! I have a problem about how to use event_id and event_field_concept_id.Please give me some advice.
For example,there is a record in Contion Occurrence table(concept name is “elation”,concept id is “4146515”). There is another record in the Observation table(concept name is “past”,concept id is “4132507”).I want to use the observation_event_id and obs_event_field_concept_id to link the “past” to the “elation”,which means the patient’s elation is the past symptom.If the record number of “elation” in the Contion Occurrence table is 123,so I put into observation_event_id,and put 1147129condition_occurrence.condition_concept_id into obs_event_field_concept_id.
Am I right?

(Christian Reich) #2

Looks like this is a similar discussion like in here: How to store patient’s character before onset of illness. You have a Psych Working Group. I’d suggest you discuss it there and come up with a solution.