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Question about "ethnicity"

Hi Everybody,

I found guidelines for ethnicity here.

I have non-US data, and there is no record indicating whether individuals are Hispanic/Latino or not. In this case, how should I proceed? Should I simply set ethnicity as 0 for all persons?


That wiki is outdated, but the current documentation denotes person.ethnicity_concept_id as a US-specific field and provides a little bit more context to its usage.

This field is not required and can be left as NULL. No OMOP CDM tools should rely on this field containing any data.

The ethnicity_concept_id is actually a required field. As far as I know, it is common practice to set it to 0 for non-US data.

@MPhilofsky We need something to properly ratify and capture this convention :wink:

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Thank you so much @Eduard_Korchmar and @MaximMoinat

Since the guideline indicates that ‘Do not attempt to infer ethnicity from the race or ethnic background of the person’, then I would set it to 0 for non-U.S. individuals.

Hi @kridsadakorn - For a UK dataset we recently mapped, ethnicity_concept_id is set to 0.

See this recent forum post for the sql logic we shared Mapping NHS Ethnic Category to OMOP Race - #2 by solmaz.eradat.


Thank you for sharing @solmaz.eradat