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Question about condition_status_concept_id

(wjdans) #1


I want to map condition_status_concept_id in condition_occurrence table.

Before, we mapped this to ‘Final diagnosis(4230359)’.
But the domain of ‘Final diagnosis(4230359)’ is Observation.
So I thought I might have to find new concept that the domain is the condition_status and the vocabulary is the condition_status.

Then, I found that there are no designated vocabulary , domain, or class that represents condition_status_concept_id in here.(https://github.com/OHDSI/CommonDataModel/wiki/CONDITION_OCCURRENCE)

So I want to ask if it is okay to map ‘Final diagnosis(4230359)’ to condition_status_concept_id without needing to change domain or vocabulary?

Thank you for your help !

(Christian Reich) #2

Use Discharge diagnosis please.

(wjdans) #3

Thank you for your answer !!