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Quality Measures - NQF/CQMS

Some background:
At Boston Medical Center, we’re using OMOP to create a dataset of quality-related measures (such as blood pressure control). We’re tracking outcomes over time, and incorporating data like demographics, social drivers of health, and FIPS-mapped neighborhood social vulnerability index. Our tool will primarily be used by researchers and clinicians as a jumping off point for deeper translational research questions focused on addressing inequities in outcomes.

Currently prototyping in Tableau, but are working on creating an R Shiny app.

We’ve made some good progress, but want to a) expand our measure set to include those that other organizations care about, b) QC our phenotypes and measures for accuracy and reproducibility, and c) develop a functional R Shiny prototype.

Which brings me to my questions!

  • Has anyone tried to use OMOP for quality measures previously? There are some helpful existing phenotypes (for hypertension, diabetes, etc.) that I’ve drawn from; the rest of the measures are a little more convoluted. I’ve searched the forums but haven’t found anything recent. Would like to not recreate the wheel, and build off of existing work if any exists!

  • Are you interested in contributing to this tool, by helping develop or QC phenotypes or measures? Or by developing in Shiny? Depending on levels of interest, I can start a new thread in the Developers Category.

Happy to provide more information here or via email - sarah.gasman@bmc.org


We have a whole FHIR-OMOP subgroup for quality measures. Can you come and we talk through all this? I’ll ping on email.