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Provider mappings

We are mapping provider specialty and have come across the following issues:

2 concepts have been designated as standard for both child neurologist and emergency medicine.

Does this need to be corrected in the concept table or am I missing something?

It also appears the concept table still contains codes from an earlier version (either v18.0 or v18.1) of the NUCC vocabulary. There are codes in the current version (v 21.0) of NUCC that map directly to data in our source dataset and it would be great if the updated version could be added to OMOP.

Are there any plans to incorporate v 21.0 of the vocabulary?

Thanks in advance for any insight,

Yes, we’re already on it.

The point is that Provider Domain is a collection out of numerous vocabularies. At some point, we cleaned them up and agreed on Standard. So now vocabulary_id in Provider Domain indicates more provenance rather than the actual representation of the vocabulary.

Want to list them out and think they’re useful in OMOP?

@Alexdavv - Thank you. This helps.

Makes a lot of sense!

Yes, having NUCC codes from the current version will allow us to use a query to map from source data to standard omop concept. We have several NUCC codes that are have no corresponding record in the vocabulary table so had to manually map them.

One more quick question -

Do you know yet which concepts in the set above have been desginated as the standard concept?

Thank you!


Pick one, Piper. :slight_smile:

Well, yah, that’s what I’ve done…:slight_smile:

Thanks @Christian_Reich

The priority we’ve chosen: Medicare - NUCC - ABMS - HES. The earlier it placed the more chance to stay Standard it has.

Make sense. This is great info to have, thank you @Alexdavv!

Unfortunately, it’s not how the consolidation was previously done.
The correct order we’re gonna use in the upcoming release is Medicare - ABMS - NUCC - HES.