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Proposing CDM/vocab changes - what's the process?

(Sonia Araujo) #1

Hello, everyone. We in the Clinical Trials working group are getting close to submitting our proposals for CDM and vocab changes to bridge the gap between clinical trial data (in SDTM format) and observational data (in OMOP format).

I’m new to this - can somebody point me to guidance on the process for groups like ours to propose such CDM/vocab changes?


(Sonia Araujo) #2

@MauraBeaton - can you point me in the right direction? cheers

(Christian Reich) #3


@clairblacketer is running the process of working on CDM changes. Bottom line: You need to add a proposal through Github: https://github.com/ohdsi/commondatamodel/issues. Take a look at some of them for inspiration, but what we need are essentially three components:

  • A problem
  • An analytic use case
  • A proposal for the change you are looking for.

The Vocab group is working on their own issue tracking method, but for now you can also leave requests here, or in the Forum, or in the Pallas Github: https://github.com/OHDSI/OMOP-Standardized-Vocabularies/issues.

(Sonia Araujo) #4

Okey dokey. Thank you!