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Proposal to add type concept for Drug administration

I propose to add a new Drug Exposure type concept where vocabulary_id and concept_class_id = “Drug Type”

The current standard concepts do not accurately represent drugs that were given in office to an outpatient during a procedure. The closest matches are “Inpatient administration” and “Physician administered drug (identified as procedure)”, however, the drugs may be given by other healthcare personnel in the outpatient setting and our data doesn’t identify the person administering the medication.

I am going to propose we add “Outpatient administration”. This will cover all administrations outside the inpatient setting (i.e. office, home, clinics, mass immunization centers, etc.).

I am bringing this proposal to the Themis WG meeting on Thursday. Please provide input.

If you create concepts that are similar, then I think you should also propose relationship and hierarchy among the concepts. This will make using these concepts easier.

You could propose concepts for each one of those and relationships

Good idea @Gowtham_Rao

IMO, distinguishing between administered, dispensed, and ordered/prescribed would be most beneficial. These could be the top level with the different forms of these verbs as the children.

@Dymshyts and @aostropolets, what do you think?