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Proposal: standardized address, latitude and longitude - location table

Good evening: For standardized geospatial visualization and analysis, addresses needs to be geocoded into latitude and longitude. This allows information to be put as a point on the map. This proposal is to add two fields, latitude and longitude to the location table.


These are optional fields, and represents best estimates of latitude and longitude of centroids based on available information from address at ETL time.

Impact: GIS workgroup, @rtmill and Country proposal by @Ajit_Londhe
Backward compatible: yes

Does anyone know whether fields for latitude and longitude exist in OMOP CDM v5.4? This would be particularly useful for global health geospatial work because the location would not depend on a postal code system of a particular country.

According to the official OMOP v5.4 documentation, these fields (the latitude and longitude) do exist in the location table, so your analysis should be fine if you prefer using v5.4.

This is an exciting initiative. @Andrew, do we know how it plays with 5.4 and 6.0 now…