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Promoting the EHDEN Academy and also inviting new Faculty members/Education WG

Dear OHDSI Colleagues

I hope this finds you well.

We are very pleased with the uptake of the EHDEN Academy, with ~1,350 enrollees since April 2020, including 49 SMEs and numerous Data Partner colleagues, as well as colleagues across the world.

The roadmap beyond the current 10 courses will see content for the lay public and patient organisations, through to theory and/or tool development content about and by EHDEN WPs, and we are looking into collaboration with other institutions and educational bodies in and external to the OHDSI community.

As well as theory, we also want to demonstrate practice and experience, so delighted that we have just added a module reflecting three experiences of mapping COVID-19 data to the OMOP CDM via our ETL Taskforce, by Data Partners/SMEs in Belgium, Serbia, and Turkey.

We can always do better, and I am encouraging colleagues in OHDSI to spread the word in your own organisations as to the opportunity to use this free resource. We would love to see more of our OHDSI colleagues using the Academy too.

To that end, we created two flyers, one for potential participants, and one for potential faculty members – do please feel free to use them! For the latter, if anyone wishes to join our esteemed, internally recognised faculty, do please let me know if you have ideas for new courses and want to collaborate in making them available via the Academy.

Flyer 1 What can the EHDEN Academy do for you?
Flyer 2 Joining the EHDEN Academy Faculty?

Thank you for your time and support, and thanks also to Craig for your assistance.

Also, the Education WG is looking forward to its first output on a draft strategy/recommendations in September.