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Procedure_type - condition procedure

(Gil Frenkel) #1

Hi everyone!

I would like to know what is the exact meaning of a procedure_occurrence record having a procedure_type_concept_id = 42865906 (“condition procedure”)?

Can any Ultrasound / Radiology/ MRI/CT fit into this category?


(Robyn Rubin) #2

Hi Gil,
I would use 38003622 - procedure recorded as diagnostic code.
what do you think?

(Gil Frenkel) #3

Hi Robyn,

Well, if the procedure is recorded as a diagnostic code, doesn’t it means that the procedure was literally recorded as a code?

For example, in the condition domain (in OMOP), the procedure was recorded as a code from a specific vocabulary which corresponds to the CONDITION domain, such as the ICD9CM, KCD7, Nebraska Lexicon, SNOMED, etc - then we can say it fits the 38003622 procedure_type_concept_id (“procedure recorded as diagnostic code”)

A procedure_type_concept_id of 42865906 (“condition procedure” ) does not mean that the procedure was recorded as a diagnostic procedure?


(Christian Reich) #4

There is no such a thing, @gil.frenkel. Even though ICD stands for International Classification of Disease, there are tons of things which are not diseases. Therefore we have the Domains. They indicate what a thing is. And we are not afraid to put a record derived from an ICD9CM code into the PROCEDURE_OCCURRENCE table.

This Type Concept is about to be deprecated. It makes no sense. The record is recorded where it is recorded. The fact that it comes from an ICD or so is evident from the source_concept_id.

Same thing, just the other way around. Type Concept are supposed to be determining the provenance. Not the coding.

Makes sense?

(Gil Frenkel) #5

Thank you @Christian_Reich!
You answered my questions in much sense.