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Procedure qualifiers

My Capstone is to convert the ACC NCDR Registry of the American College of Cardiology(ACC) to OMOP. Most concepts are in SNOMED as standard concepts which is easy. Others have no corresponding vocabularies. In these instances the ACC writing group has created its own vocabulary called ACC NCDR to fill in. These concepts frequently have identical maps in OMOP but other times not. In these circumstances the ACC may need to submit new terms to OMOP for mapping. One example is percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) status. The procedure can be elective, emergent, urgent or salvage. These procedure qualifiers are all in OMOP. However ACC NCDR has unique codes for each. Let me give you example. Elective PCI has ACC NCDR code 100012987. In OMOP “PCI” is concept ID# 4216130 and “elective” is concept ID # 4013731. Should we instead create a singular concept id in OMOP for “Elective PCI”?

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How about expanding modifier concept_ids set rather than creating singular procedure concept IDs?


Status is not a procedure. In OMOP, this is history of procedure, in this case of Percutaneous coronary intervention.

You’d have to break that up into the actual procedure and the modifier.

Thank you Dr Reich. greetings from Paul Nagy!

In other words whereas the ACC NDCR unique identifier for “elective PCI” is 100012987, the corresponding unique identifier in OMOP is a concatenation of “Procedure” and “Modifier” in this case 4216130 for PCI and 4013731 for “elective”. Is that correct?


We are planning on cleaning up the modifiers, though. To create a controlled list of concepts.