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Procedure link to a specific Condition

Is there a way to link a specific condition to a specific procedure? It is often that patients have quite a few unique conditions and procedures and I am looking for a way to identify a link between. Outside of expected knowledge that procedure A is often done for Condition A / using CPT codes / etc. Is there a structural way in OMOP to see this? thank you!

Hi @Clowson:

Welcome to the family.

What you are doing is trying to preserve some kind of sense of indication for a procedure. We used to have that and got rid of it. It is next to impossible to fill it with reasonable data. First, you just won’t get those links in the data. Second, in most cases it is either trivial (antidiabetic medication is to treat diabetes, appendectomies will fix the appendicitis) or not straightforward (what is a sleeping pill treating? An anxiety? A restless patient?) Also, the diagnosis recorded during an encounter is usually the reason for the encounter and also the indication for the treatment, since that how providers get paid. So, connecting conditions through a temporal relationship is usually all you need.

Do you have a use case where you need that explicitly?