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Procedure_datetime - NULL values



Newbie here, and I’m trying to transform a dataset into OMOP V6. I’m currently working on procedure_occurence dataset. 14% of my current dataset have NULLs for procedure_datetime field as I’ve some varied sources(EHR, Claim etc.,) that are collaborating data into the dataset. I do not want my end users to loose 14% of the data - incase they have some use cases that don’t take into account proc_date that can still use the 14% for the procedure/modifier info within the record etc.,

So, my intention is to set procedure_datetime values to some unrealistic date_time 01/01/1900 00:00:00. And end users would be made aware of the assumption.

Before I proceed further I wanted to check here to see others perspective in handling this differently and or anything that I’m missing to see ?

(Melanie Philofsky) #2

Welcome to OHDSI, @Vinny !

No, don’t do this. Don’t make up data. It’s not visible in Atlas. It isn’t visible to the analyst writing SQL on a table full of data. It adds complexity and an extra layer of rules folks need to remember.

I would investigate these Procedures a little further. Where are they coming from? The EHR or the claims data? Can you link them to the Visit? If yes, use the Visit date.

I’m interested in this use case. Please explain.

(Don Torok) #3

How significant is procedure_datetime field in current version? Are there use cases for dateTime vs simply using date? The answer to these question will help you decide how the handle the date time. It may make more sense to cast the date to dateTime which will probably default to midnight.

The CDM working group is looking into the V6 change of making dateTime mandatory and date optional and may revert back to the V5 criteria, However, a final decision has not been made. Providing examples of where the dateTime is significant will help us to better understand the problem.


Thank you for your insights @MPhilofsky !

Out of 14% of my populationI’m finding that 13% can be tied to a visit/encounter, thereby I can certainly use visitdate for servicedate.

For future reference on other tables, is there a reference page that talks about the alternate considerations like these ?

(Melanie Philofsky) #5

No problem :slight_smile:

The CDM conventions found here give some alternate considerations and heuristics, but many times it depends on your data.