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Problems with the Installation procedure of OHDSI/Broadsea deployment

(Anders Zorn) #1

I have - to say the least - experienced lots of problems both understanding and installing the OHDSI/Broadsea environment on my local PC.

First of all I have installed Docker for Windows, according to this procedure here:

Next, I have tried to install Docker ToolBox using the same installation procedure, but when I launch it (after installation) it throws an error (something to do with “Hyper V” in Programs & Functions). If I dis-activate Hyper V however, it throws another error when trying to configure Docker ToolBox, so it´s like a Catch 22. What should I do to fix it, considering that I´m definitely not the most technical skilled person on the planet, and still have to solve this task for my boss…

According to the procedure I should now copy “docker-compose.yml” + “source_source_daimon.sql” to a directory (???) on my harddrive? Unfortunally it´s not specified wich directory, and to be honest it took some time for me to figure out how to actually copy these two files from the GitHub repository… The two files are now located in a random directory on my hard drive, but I´m not sure if I should have copied them from PostgreSQL, Oracle or the SQL Server sub-directory.

Next, I have to specify the database connection strings and database schema prefixes for my database(s) by editing the “source_source_daimon.sql” file…and sorry, but I´m simply lost here. I´m supposed to install the OHDSI/Broadsea environment like a “sandbox” on my local PC, so I can learn how to store and manipulate data in a safe environment, and be able to move the environment to new PC´s if necessary, without going through the whole procedure again.

So where can I find the proper information (database connection strings and database schema prefixes for my database(s)), in order for me to change the “source_source_daimon.sql” file?

And the information I should put into the “config-local.js” + “docker-compose.yml” file??

And finally, the installing procedure ask for some commands launched in Docker ToolBox like:

docker-machine ip
docker-compose up -d
docker-compose ps

- but my problem still is to get my Docker ToolBox up and running without any issues....

I know it´s a lot of topics, but if anyone can solve some of them I would be very grateful.

Best regards,

(Lee Evans) #2

Hi @Anders_Zorn

First verify that Docker Desktop for Windows is installed OK. You don’t need Docker Toolbox (older product name) installed.

It sounds like you followed the Docker Desktop for Windows installation process here:

Start Docker Desktop for windows and complete the steps 1-3 at the below link to verify Docker is working correctly:

The directory where you download the docker-compose.yml file doesn’t matter, just keep note of the directory path so you can navigate to that directory in a terminal window for when you run docker compose to start the Docker container.

(Jon Duke) #3

@lee_evans Do you happen to know if Docker Enterprise Edition is required is you want to load Broadsea onto a Windows Server 2016 machine?



(Lee Evans) #4

@jon_duke That is my understanding. Docker EE is needed for production use on Windows OS servers.