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Problem searching for Whipple procedures

I have searched for the procedures containing ‘Whipple’ constraining my search to ‘Procedure’ domain and ‘CPT4’ vocabulary. The resulting concepts are below. The search does not return CPT4 codes 48150, 48153, 48154, containing the word ‘Whipple’. Search for ‘Whipple-type’ returns all the correct codes. Is this a bug or a feature?

Thank you,

Yeah. This is a feature of the search engine. It tries to be smart, and sometimes it is not smart enough. You get the result you got if the keyword you are searching for is part of the target word (Whipple and Whipple-type), and if there is a lot of text and your keyword is small compared to the string. But this is really an extreme artifact.

We could try to tweak the parameters of the smart search further, but it will never be as good as Google. Initially, we had a dumb search (just keyword in string), and then you get an awful lot of junk.