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Problem mapping to risankizumab?

(Chris Knoll) #1

Hello, vocabulary overlords,

I have a question about one of the drugs I’m trying to study: risankizumab. I can see from the vocabulary search that there is a SPL concept (a class=‘Perscription drug’) that is somehow associated to Isopropyl Alchohol.
Athena link: http://athena.ohdsi.org/search-terms/terms/36003950

This concept title is ‘SKYRIZI - risankizumab-rzaa kit’, and i would have expected things like 1511440 (0.83 ML risankizumab-rzaa 90.4 MG/ML prefilled syringe) to fall under that, but I see that there is some kind of mapping to Isopropyl Alchol (concept 19028106).

This means that when we look for descendant concepts of this, it’s pulling back concepts under Isopropyl Alchol. Is this some sort of SPL->RxNorm bug?

Thank you for your time.


(Alexander Davydov) #2

Hi @Chris_Knoll,

Doesn’t look like a bug since this SPL set consists of:

  • 2 syringes of 0.83 ML risankizumab-rzaa 90.4 MG/ML Prefilled Syringe [Skyrizi]] (it’s mentioned by SPL - RxNorm links).
  • 2 isopropyl alcohol pads/swabs (mentioned as well).

Unlike the NDCs, the SPLs are not the product-level codes but define a set or even a group of drugs and not supposed to be among the patient-level data. Do you have it somewhere?

How about using the associated NDC codes or simply the descendants of Standard RxNorm risankizumab ingredient?

P.S. If you meet overlords, call me, I’d be happy to see them. :smiley:

(Chris Knoll) #3

Thank you, @Alexdavv. I didn’t know how to look into the SPL construction to see the dual-drug components there. I guess the only confusing thing for me is that I was expecting the SPL set to have parents of the isoproply alcohol and risankizumab (it feels like a combo-drug).

In any case, your explanation makes sense, and I appreciate your information.

The reason why this came up is that when I was looking at my internal system, we showed HUGE numbers for the SPL set but we have zero records of the risankizumab ingredient. (or descendants). It was puzzling to me that we were getting every drug exposure to isopropyl in the descendant counts instead of just the counts of say, the pads…but the vocabulary hierarchy arranged the parents this way, so it’s just something I need to be aware of.

Normally, we just would use the ingredient and descendants, but this ‘row count’ report I was looking at made me wonder if it was a vocabulary mapping issue (which is why I’m posting on it).

All good, thank you again.