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Privilege to store file links in OMOP

Hi all, as there is the Media resource in FHIR which holds information about a file such as file path, extension and other meta data. Is there any option in OMOP where Media resource can be stored or converted to OMOP?


What are “media resources”?

In general, OMOP is a Closed World data model, i.e. it only stores fully declared facts through records with concepts. All allowed concepts are in the pre-defined OHDSI Standardized Vocabularies. The only exception is the NOTE table.

What’s your use case?

Hi, I want to store file paths in the database.


But what is the analytical use case? What do you want to do with these file paths? How can they be used by researchers, especially those that work in a federated mode? What scientific question does their presence answer?

Suppose that for a vitals service there is a Malaria RDT image being captured and stored at some location in the server. Using the file path we can exactly know that for this service this image was captured and the can be viewed.

If you need to store an additional data element in the OMOP CDM for your local use, such as a file path, then you can add an additional column to your OMOP CDM. See this poster here for further information on when, how and why you would add a custom column to an OMOP CDM table.

Okay will have look at it. Thanks.