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PostgreSQL Upgrade to version 14 (for Atlas, Atlas WebAPI and Broadsea Achilles)

Hi, I have implemented OHDSI Atlas, Atlas WebAPI and Broadsea-Achilles in Kubernetes using image tag 2.10.1 (tag master for Broadsea Achilles), currently using postgres version 10.21. I need to upgrade postgreSQL server to version 14 (if possible) or at least to version 11. Does this version of OHDSI (2.10.1) is compatible with postgreSQL 14? Do I need to make any changes in the configuration of the app to use this postgres version?

I haven’t seen it with PG 14 thus far, but prior versions that are not specifically supported by OHDSI have worked fine. PG 11, for instance, worked without issue at my last job. But of course, YMMV.

I think you’ll have to try it and see, unfortunately, but OHDSI site technical admins are often needing to be beta testers :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your reply. I’ll try then with PG 11 first to reduce risks :slight_smile:

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We really try to keep the SQL simple in the application: the Hibernate queries generated will be strictly select/insert/update/delete statements, the most complex involving fetching next sequence. I don’t expect any of this to change between PG releases.

From a migration perspective, the only place we’ve run into trouble is the CREATE … IF NOT EXISTS or DROP IF EXISTS statements which wasn’t available in 9.6 but became available in 10. I’ve caught those migrations in the past and removed the IF NOT EXISTS clauses, which means they should work in 9.6 and later.

But there’s always something, so if you do run into problems with 11 or 14, please let us know. The only reason why a v9 script won’t work on 11 or 14 is if they deprecated something between those releases, but I can’t imagine anything we are doing that would lead to that situation.

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Great Chris!!! Thanks for your answer. I’ll let you know if any issues arise