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Possible vocab error

(Ross Williams) #1

I saw this concept popping up in a model i built but it seems to not map to the ingredient Insulins/anywhere and I was wondering if this was a mistake or if there is a reason for this?


(Melanie Philofsky) #2

It’s not an error. Unfortunately, some of the HCPCS ‘drug’ codes are not specific enough to map to an ingredient. Your example, “Injection, insulin, per 5 units”, can not be mapped to a specific insulin ingredient as seen here.

(Ross Williams) #3

okay that makes sense to me thanks! Does this also explain why it doesnt seem to have any heirarchy? I ask because im trying to remove patients with insulin and my fear is there are some of these codes flating around which dont map either to an ingredient or a classification

(Melanie Philofsky) #4

Correct, only standard concept_ids participate in the Concept Ancestor hierarchies table.

If I had to guess, the folks with this HCPCS insulin code will also have other codes/concept_ids for insulin. Insulin is rarely a one time event. Do you have ordered or dispensed drug data? If yes, check your data to see how often the HCPCS code is present when other insulin concept_ids are not present. I don’t think these HCPCS codes will make much different, but only the data can tell you what’s going on.