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Populating domain information in fact relationship vs cost table

(Manan Patel) #1

The fact relationship table has fields called domain_concept_id_1 and domain_concept_id_2.
The cost table has a field called cost_domain_id.

This seems a bit odd. Is one really supposed to be populated with a domain’s numerical concept_id (like “13”) while the other gets populated with a string domain_id (like “Drug”)?

(Anna Karenina) #2

Apologies for reviving the old thread, but this situation with domain fields is still confusing. In fact, it became even more confusing because concept_id’s for domains (like 19 ‘Condition’) have become non-standard. Does this mean they cannot be used in Fact_Relationship anymore? Should the CDM metadata concepts for tables (like 1147333 ‘condition_occurrence’) be used instead?

Also, just to be sure: cost_domain_id field in v5.3 should be populated with string domain names, like ‘Condition’, — correct?