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PLP package results cannot display


Hello all,
I used ATLAS to generate a PLP study ATLAS v.2.7 Analysis Method: GradientBoostingMachine).
When executing the study, I got the error report as below. What problem it could be? Is there any method to check in which step the error occurs?

The compressed results file is empty, and the shiny app cannot run.

Thank you!

(Chungsoo Kim) #2

Hi. I recommend you have to check output and temp(ff or andromeda) directories (personally, I recommend writing full directory, not “./~”) and check the file names whether same to a setting file also.


HI Chungsoo, thank you for helping with this!
I used the full directory in my code. The .zip file for generating Shiny app doesn’t have data, @Adam_Black helped me with this, we tried populateShinyApp(resultDirectory=outputFolder)

The results folder has data, however, I still cannot see the result in Shiny

(Adam Black) #4

Hi @Chenyu_Li,

My suggestion is to work from the ShinyApp folder exclusively. You might want to copy it to a different folder just to keep things isolated. Review the objects in the ShinyApp/data folder and make sure everything is populated. Then open ui.R in RStudio, set your working directory or project directory to the ShinyApp folder, and click the Run App button. Beyond that I’m not really sure.

(Jreps) #5

If the zip file is empty you may not have a model - is it possible to copy the log here to see whether the model was successfully trained? You should have seen metrics such as AUC and calibration for the test and train data if it was successful.

Also - the shiny app needs the main outputFolder location (absolute path) and not the zip location