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Place of service vocabulary definition

(John_Mysak) #1

Appreciate any help locating the ‘place of service’ vocab spec/definition if available. I sourced the following URL from the docs on GitHub, but have so far come up short finding the spec.


Planning to use this as documented for discharge_to_concept_id (etc.) from visit_occurrence, vist_detail.

(Don Torok) #2

select * from concept where vocabulary_id = ‘UB04 Pt dis status’ and standard_concept = ‘S’

(Christian Reich) #3


You should be using Concepts with DOMAIN_ID=‘Visit’, not Place of Service. It has all the necessary dispositions, including nursing facilities etc. Except death. We are still debating if we need to add that or not.

Yeah, we are behind on that.

These do not exist anymore, @DTorok. They are all non-standard Concepts and mapped to some Visit Concept.

(Don Torok) #4

What am I missing.

(Christian Reich) #5

You are missing a recent version of the vocab. Yours is half a year old or more.

(Don Torok) #6

Then where do I enter the issue that Atlas vocabulary on the OHDSI web site is half a year old or more? :confused:

(Christian Reich) #7

I think you ping @lee_evans. Of course SynPUF also needs to be updated in that case.

(Lee Evans) #8

@DTorok It has now been refreshed

(John_Mysak) #10

got it, thanks @Christian_Reich @lee_evans