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Place of Service - no standard concepts


Trying to populate CARE_SITE table. The place_of_service_concept_id is a required field and the documentation states to use domain “Place of Service” to obtain the standard concept code. The issue is there are no standard concept codes.

Should there be standard concept codes?
Should I be using a different domain?

The last vocabulary download was August 8, 2020.
As of today 09/03/2020, I do not see any standard concept codes for domain “Place of Service” in Athena

(Melanie Philofsky) #2

Hi @matthbr,

Athena is always the most current source of information for the Vocabularies and it shows 51 standard concepts.

I assume you mis-typed above, but in case you didn’t. Only concept_ids can be standard.


As I stated before I do not see any standard concept code in Athena for “Place of Service”. I had a colleague look and they did not see them either.

Could I be going to the wrong site?

I am using the following URL.
.URL -->> https://athena.ohdsi.org/search-terms/terms

Do not see them via the following steps:

  • On Left side click Domain and check Place of Service

  • On Left side click concept to see Non-Standard (823) the others are zero
    I have included a screenshot of what I see

(Jose Posada) #4

I am about to do mapping for our sites and that is indeed an issue.
@Vojtech_Huser, @MPhilofsky, @clairblacketer, @Alexdavv should we submit a request in vocab repo?

(Christian Reich) #5


Sorry, we are in a limbo here. Here is what’s going on:

  • CARE_SITE used to have place_of_service_concept_id till V5. It was supposed to be filled with concepts of the domain “Place of Service”
  • We consolidated the concepts for healthcare settings into the Visit Domain, and specialties into the Provider domain.

As a result, the vocabularies are ahead of the CDM version here. Even though the field still exists there are no concepts anymore for Place of Service. Which means you should put 0 into place_of_service_concept_id, and select the appropriate concepts for visit_concept_id and provider_concept_id.

(Melanie Philofsky) #6

Ah, I got domain and vocabulary confused.

The CMS Place of Service codes have vocabulary_id = ‘Place of Service’ and domain_id = ‘Visit’. But as @Christian_Reich said, this field has been removed from Care Site post CDM V5 and incorporated into the Visit table.

(Robertkatz4) #7

Hi @Christian_Reich - thanks for all the work you do- the OHDSI Symposium videos were super helpful in getting up to speed.

If I am understanding the change you outline above - no place_of_service_concept_id in the care_site table in v6 - this ought to be documented on p. 69 here:
or in the Google Sheets.

I am new to the CDM - perhaps there are some semantics I am missing?