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PHOEBE's Concept set recommender - Max Limit on Concept IDs?

Great Day everyone. I am shadowing a study in N3C Enclave. I attended the PHOEBE tutorial by @aostropolets recently and so I suggested to my N3C research colleagues to use PHOEBE’s Concept set recommender to ensure we review recommended concepts for concept set adjustment (to help additional validation prior to submitting for peer review to journals).
Initially I downloaded 300 Concept-IDs from N3C Enclave (due to my error in copy/paste) and got PHOEBE to work. The study has 2430 Concept IDs and every time I copy paste the values separated by commas (each concept ID and a comma in a row), the tool keeps clocking with no return results for past 2 weeks.

  1. Is there a max limit https://data.ohdsi.org/PHOEBE/ can handle?
  2. Does it make it relevant to split the Concept IDs by Vocabulary when inputting to Concept Set Recommender?
  3. Is there a feature within N3C Enclave or else where that we can invoke PHOEBE that could help overcome this challenge?
Row Labels Count of Vocabulary Id
CPT4 9
Nebraska Lexicon 58
OMOP Extension 2
RxNorm 63
RxNorm Extension 615
Grand Total 2430

Appreciate your guidance. Thank you.

Hey, @ragha123. While there is no theoretical limit, PHOEBE talks to a database in the background so you may imagine that if there are too many concept ids it gets stuck. I don’t know the real limit, but 2k seems too much indeed.
What I see in your table is that you have a mixture of vocabs that correspond to the different domains (e.g. RxNorm is for drugs and SNOMED not for drugs), which make me think that in fact you have more than one concept set (clinical idea) in it. You may not necessarily want to split the set into different vocabs, but maybe different domains. So a) you want to make sure that you input only standard concepts and b) if you can share more details about your concept set we can think of how to optimize it.

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