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PheValuator - Target Cohort is Empty?


Hello, I am fairly new to medical research and I have been trying to get the PheValuator package to work on R version 4.0.3 on a Mac. I am currently trying to perform this on the MIMIC-III OMOP CDM database and I know that my connection to this database is not the issue. My code is the following:


The error I keep getting is the following:

“Connecting using PostgreSQL driver
Too few subjects in xSpec to produce model. (Outcome count = 0)
Saving null model summary to /Users/phenotyping/model_main.rds
Reading model from /Users/phenotyping/model_main.rds
Error: Too few outcomes to produce model - Evaluation cohort not created.
Creating evaluation cohort took 0.56 secs”

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.