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Phenotype Submission: RBC Transfusion (adult relevant only, no auto transfusion, 1yr clean window)

Cohort Definition Name(s): RBC Transfusion (adult relevant, no auto, 1y clean window)

Contributor Name: Evan Minty, Surgery and Perioperative WG

Contributor OrcID : 0000-0003-4631-9992

Logic Description :
Cohort Entry Events
People may enter the cohort when observing any of the following:

procedure occurrences of ‘RBC transfusion (whole or isolated) Adult relevant - no auto’.
Limit cohort entry events to the earliest event per person.

Inclusion Criteria

  1. No prior transfusion in last 365d
    Entry events having no procedure occurrences of ‘RBC transfusion (whole or isolated) Adult relevant’, starting in the 365 days prior to cohort entry start date.

Cohort Exit
The person exits the cohort at the end of continuous observation.

Cohort Eras
Entry events will be combined into cohort eras if they are within 0 days of each other.

Recommended Study Application: outcome or target

Assertion Statement: This cohort definition was executed on at least one real person-level observational health data source and resulted in a cohort with at least 1 person.

Clinical Description(s): Captures most common transfusions that would contain red blood cells relevant to adults, with no auto transfusions. Reasonable to consider a surrogate for blood loss if not receiving chronic transfusions (hence the clean window).

Evaluation Conclusion: Pending

Submitted Cohort Definition(s):
RBCTransfusion_NoAuto30dClean.txt (17.8 KB)