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Phenotype Submission - Lung cancer

Cohort Definition Name: “Lung cancer"
Contributor name: Asieh Golozar on behalf of the Oncology Workgroup
Contributor OrcId: 0000-0002-4243-155X

  • Clinical description: patients with a diagnosis of lung cancer. The following Nature Review on Lung Cancer provides a good overview on the disease.
  • Logic description: In cancer, diagnosis codes have high sensitivity and specificity. Development of a complex phenotype based is not required unless there is desire to assess cancer related outcomes form the time of diagnosis. Additionally, the definitions are developed for use in wide range of datasources such as cancer registry, population-based EHR, hospital based EHR and claims.
  • Recommended Study applications: target
  • Submitted cohort definition:
    1stLuC.txt (363.0 KB)

Imported id 787

Updated cohort definition based on @agolozar request. there was error in prior submission. it will be part of next release