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Phenotype submission - Cognitive impairment

Cohort Definition Name : Cognitive impairment, incident

Contributor name : Azza Shoaibi’, ‘Dave Kern’

Contributor OrcId : 0000-0002-6976-2594’

Logic Description : Earliest occurrence of Crohns disease indexed on diagnosis date, for the first time in history , with 365 days prior observation time. cohort exit is the end of continuous observation

Recommended study application : target

Assertion statement : This cohort definition was executed on at least one real person-level observational health data source and resulted in a cohort with at least 1 person.

Target Clinical Description : we are defining Cognitive impairment as any slight but noticeable decline in mental abilities, like memory and completing complex tasks, due to any reason -including that of old age.

Evaluation conclusion : Pending

Imported to the OHDSI Phenotype Library. It may be expected to be found with id = 863 in the next release. Thank you