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Phenotype Submission - CMV Anterior Uveitis

Attach cohort definitions:
Hello @Gowtham_Rao, I am a medical student working with Dr. Toy of USC and Dr. Tavakoli of UCSD, as well as the other members of the uveitis subgroup. We are currently trying to submit Phenotypes for the HowOften initiative.

We respectfully seek your guidance regarding our preliminary cohort definition constructed using the ATLAS platform. While we have plans to submit multiple Phenotypes encompassing various uveitis disease entities, we want to make sure our first one meets the criteria.

We are trying to create a cohort definition for CMV anterior uveitis based on the SUN criteria (PMID: 33845019). We were wondering if you would be able to give us advice on how to best go about creating the cohort definition. We appreciate your consideration of our request. We are looking forward to working with the OHDSI Phenotype Development and Evaluation workgroup as we develop Phenotypes for various uveitis disease entities. We hope to contribute to the OHDSI Phenotype library. Thank you.

[link of preliminary cohort definition on ATLAS]

[we will be filling in continuously]
Cohort Definition Names: CMV Anterior Uveitis
Contributor names: tbd
Clinical description: Computable definition of SUN classification criteria for CMV anterior uveitis
Logic description:

Recommended Study applications: tbd
Assertion Statement: tbd

Hi @edward_lee ! this is great. Happy to help you create definition based on published literature (i.e. SUN criteria).

i tried to see your initial implementation but it appears the cohort definition your pointing to is not correct (see screenshot)

@edward_lee I set up a collaboration meeting to help with your cohort definition build here This is open to anyone in the community.

I have not reviewed the SUN criteria. To help prepare, could you please outline the details of the SUN criteria.

Sorry about that. I edited it to include the correct link.

Here is the SUN criteria for CMV anterior uveitis taken from PMID:33845019.

Meeting is recorded here

Contributor ORCID Organization
Edward Lee N/A Roski Eye Institute, Keck School of Medicine, USC
Kiana Tavakoli 0000-0003-1883-9018 Shiley Eye Institute, University of California San Diego
Rupesh Agrawal National Healthcare Group Eye Institute, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore
Karen Armbrust 0000-0001-9381-4756 Minneapolis VA Health Care System, University of Minnesota
Kareem Moussa UC Davis
Jessica Shantha UCSF
Edmund Tsui 0000-0001-7532-9191 UCLA Stein Eye Institute, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Brian Toy 0000-0002-9612-5697 Roski Eye Institute, Keck School of Medicine, USC
  • Clinical description: Computable definition of SUN classification criteria for CMV anterior uveitis. This phenotype is of patients with a diagnosis or clinical findings of anterior uveitis that is consistent with an etiology of cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection. This phenotype operationalizes the definition published by the SUN workgroup (Classification Criteria for Cytomegalovirus Anterior Uveitis - PubMed (nih.gov))
  • Logic description:


  1. Evidence of anterior uveitis
    a. anterior chamber cells
    b. if anterior vitreous cells are present, anterior chamber inflammation should be present
    c. no evidence of retinitis
  2. Evidence of cytomegalovirus infection in the eye
    a. Positive PCR* for cytomegalovirus on aqueous specimen


  1. Positive serology for syphilis using a treponemal test
  2. Evidence of sarcoidosis (either bilateral hilar adenopathy on chest imaging or tissue biopsy demonstrating non-caseating granulomata)
  3. Aqueous specimen PCR positive for herpes simplex virus or varicella zoster virus

Imported 1072

Hello @Gowtham_Rao thank you for all your help in constructing our phenotype. We were wondering if we can add some amendments to our post above? Should I just post them in the forum thread here? However, I believe I’m not allowed to post links to the cohort definitions.

Yes please. Please extract the json and upload here

Hello again,

Under “2. Evidence of cytomegalovirus infection in the eye”, can we add:

  • b. included in sensitivity analysis phenotype diagnosis of recent CMV infection

At the very end can we also add another link to our sensitivity analysis cohort definition link?

Here are the two JSON files for
CMV Anterior Uveitis
CMVantuveitis.txt (241.2 KB)

CMV Anterior Uveitis sensitivity analysis
CMVantuveitisSensitivityAnalysis.txt (241.7 KB)

Thank you so much for your help. Please let me know if you have any questions.