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Person NOT have year_of_birth

Hi folks,

In the CDM person table, the year_of_birth is a required INTEGER field,
if the source data does not have this data for some PERSONs, and can’t derive from nowhere,
can it be set to 0?
What consequence is it?
The field ETL conversion description says:

For data sources where the year of birth is not available, the approximate year of birth could be derived based on age group categorization, if available.

But not age group categorization either.

Thanks for advice,
R. Z.

I believe if you have a year of birth set to 0 and you calculate their age as of 2021, for example, they will appear to be 2021 years old.

It is according to what one is using to do the ETL. With Postgres, yes, you would be correct. In SQL Server it would be 122 years old as year 0 is 1900-01-01 there.

If you do not have a person’s year of birth, and do not have sufficient information for a reasonable approximation, then do not include that person in the CDM. It is not acceptable to put 0, as if, that should mean year of birth is unknown.

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Hi Don,

Oh I see. You mean do not include the people who don’t have year_of_birth info. Thank you.


Thank you, @Chris_Knoll @Mark and @DTorok

It looks not including these people is my way to go as @DTorok suggests.

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