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Pediatric Working Group

Hi all, I am the Project Manager for OMOP CDM implementation at UT Southwestern in Dallas, Texas. We are in process of implementing the OMOP CDM at Children’s Hospital here and would like to see if there is any WG dedicated to pediatric population. Thanks in advance :smiley:

I would like to know too. We are working with the Rare Diseases network (IRSF specifically) and would like to find collaborators.

Hi Sanjay I will be working on getting a team together for this WG; Would you be interested in participating?

Please contact me at Aamirah.Vadsariya@utsouthwestern.edu

Thank you

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Absolutely. And thank you, I will email you my information.


Hi Amira, Welcome. I would be interested in understanding the goals and objectives for this group. Thank you. Jill