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Payer Class, SOPT Vocab - Need to convert two Non-Standard Concept to Standard

We are working on building payer_plan_period table and requesting that two ‘Non-standard’ Concept codes ‘92’ and ‘59’ become ‘Standard’.
Athena search_20220719_SOPT__VOCAB_Change_Request.xls (26.5 KB)

Two codes are listed below. I have also attached excel file.

Id Code Name Standard Class Domain Vocab Validity Concept
345 92 Other Non-government Payer Payer SOPT Valid Non-standard
732315 59 Other Private Insurance Payer Payer SOPT Valid Non-standard

Please let me know what you need to process this request.


Hi @NITIN_B_PARIKH ! Probably you could use this standard concepts: Athena Athena

Hi @NITIN_B_PARIKH - what Mike suggests is one possible solution, mapping to an uphill target in the SOPT hierarchy. But I agree that it is not quite clear why these two were made non-standard while all their siblings are standard. There are three more non-standard concepts in SOPT but they seem to deserve that fate as they are flavors of null. Let’s see if there is more input from the community and let us create a github request that we then can follow up and keep tracking!