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PatientLevelPrediction - Error: '"INFO"' is not an exported object from 'namespace:PatientLevelPrediction'

Enthusiastic new (want-to-be) user of HADES / PatientLevelPrediction

Running an Atlas-generated simple PLP proof-of-concept study to see all the pieces work together end-to-end. At the “Creating diagnostic results” step, I am getting the following error:

Error: ‘“INFO”’ is not an exported object from ‘namespace:PatientLevelPrediction’

From the log file: FATAL [packagename] execute ‘loadPredictionAnalysisList’ is not an exported object from ‘namespace:PatientLevelPrediction’

If I set the diagnostics steps to FALSE, then the same error occurs at the “Running predictions” step.

Any advice on troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


This [old] issue on GitHub appears to explain what is going on: https://github.com/OHDSI/PatientLevelPrediction/issues/288

I will leave the post here in case others search forums for the same or similar problems.