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Patient medical history/Events outside observation period

(Olga Osintseva) #1

We have source tables such as ‘patient medical history’ or ‘patient familial history’

The old approach:
Before the THEMIS issue #23, when START_DATE and END_DATE must be between OBSERVATION_PERIOD_START_DATE and OBSERVATION_PERIOD_END_DATE we populated SOURCE_VALUE with the name of source table and CONCEPT_ID populate with concept like ‘HISTORY OF…’.
And diagnosis/procedures from patient history was kept in VALUE_AS_STRING and VALUE_AS_CONCEPT_ID fields
field DATE contains OBSERBVATION_PERIOD_START_DATE or date when information about patient history diagnosis/procedures was inputted

The new approach:
After the THEMIS issue above, according to that events can fall outside of an observation period we may use new approach:
keep diagnosis/procedures from patient history in SOURCE_VALUE and CONCEPT_ID fields and use date of diagnosis/procedures from patient history as DATE.

Disadvantage of this approach is that information about data provenance (medical history) would be lost.
Advantage is that we keep real dates of diagnosis/procedures of patient medical history.

So questions are:

  1. For the new approach is it important that diagnosis/procedures are patient history?
  2. Do we need change the approach from the old to new?
  3. Or we may choose approach depending on the percent of records?
  4. Or any other way?

Thank you in advance!

(Christian Reich) #2


  1. Yes. Look. It’s important to know when the heart attack happened. Not when the doctor asked the question.
  2. Yes, please. THEMIS is law. Not a moral rule.
  3. No. Even if everybody crosses the street at the red light it’s still wrong and illegal.
  4. You want another way? :slight_smile:

(Olga Osintseva) #3

Thank you for the answer!