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Patient Level Prediction - ATLAS

(Chidam) #1


New to ATLAS, can anyone explain the patient Level Prediction in ATLAS?
Explain with example about Target Cohort, Outcome Cohort
How to select the model ?
what is the covariate settings ? and population settings?

Thanks in advance

(Chungsoo Kim) #2

Hi, Chidam. There are many resources available to familiarize you with the OHDSI tool like Github (githubLink), youtube (youtubLink OHDSIJoinTheJourney), BookOfOhdsi(BookOfOHDSI), and Forum (here!). you can find the PLP tutorial with examples on youtube and the book of ohdsi.

Chungsoo Kim

(Nigel Hughes) #3

There’s also a new course on ATLAS on the EHDEN Academy - it’s free!: https://academy.ehden.eu/