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Patent Name in OMOP DB

To which table i can save Patient Name?

I suppose you could use source_value in the person table, or you can add your own custom column to the person table to store this.

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@Chris_Knoll Thanks for your quick reply. I have seen Patient Name in the Vocabulary
Is it a good way to save in the Observation Table?

The OMOP CDM deliberately does not contain a field for patient name. The OMOP CDM is designed for population studies, where the data is pseudonymised. None of the standard tooling expects a patient name.

I would advice against repurposing the person_source_value field in the person table. But, as Chris mentioned, you can add your own custom column, or custom table, or as you mentioned yourself to store the name as the value of an observation. It really depends on your use case.

That said, my personal advice would be store patient name (and other identifiable information) in a separate table outside the OMOP CDM. In that way, you can easily leave it out if you need to create a pseudonymised data extract.


@MaximMoinat, Thank You for the explanation.

Is there any way to find the correct Concept Id for a particular data.
For example, if we search for ‘Male’ in the Athena, we will get 22,000 results. How do i find the right one for mapping? Is there any default Domain/Vocabulary need to be considered for a fresh DB setup?

Make sure to select a standard concept, and the domain relevant for your source table. For instance, ‘Male’ standard concept with domain Gender (to be inserted in gender_concept_id), gives one target concept: Athena

The OMOP documentation provides further support: OMOP CDM v5.4

Hi @MaximMoinat Is there any mechanism to understand which is the right vocabulary to use for a particular scenario?

Please see the OMOP CDM documentation, for most fields a link to a list of accepted concepts on Athena is given.

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