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Oxygen and its mapping


We want to discuss and come to an agreement about mapping rules for drugs, devices and procedures related to oxygen. It seems we don’t have a clear convention currently:

  • some concepts being Devices or Procedures already have additional mapping to Drug oxygen ingredient;
  • some other Procedures are mapped only to Oxygen therapy Procedure;
  • and most Devices - not mapped at all.

It creates ambiguity. Let’s make a clear definition for the following group of concepts ETLer can meet in real-world data, including claims:

  1. Devices containing oxygen by itself: oxygen tank 1 L, oxygen container, oxygen cylinder, liquid oxygen reservoir, etc.
  2. Devices with obvious indication to oxygen support: oxygenator, oxygen enricher, oxygen tent, liquid oxygen cold evaporator, etc.
  3. Devices where oxygen usage is implied, but description allows another interpretation: oxygen mask/hose/adaptor, ventilator replacement parts.
  4. Procedures with obvious indication to oxygen support: ECMO, hyperbaric oxygenation, oxygen inhalation, oxygen therapy, etc.
  5. Procedures where oxygen use is only implied: artificial respiration, lung ventilation, assisted circulation.
  6. Observations: guidance for home oxygen therapy, home oxygen therapy education, oxygen therapy guidance management.

Materials from group 1 don’t seem to be supplied empty (without oxygen in there) and may get additional mapping to Drug oxygen ingredient. Maybe the same is true for group 2, while group 3 is tricky and doesn’t deserve mapping.

Group 4 is supposed to be mapped to both Oxygen therapy Procedure and Drug oxygen ingredient, while in group 5 patients can be ventilated with ambient air / non-oxygenated blood circulated.

Observations from group 6 tend to be used for additional coding only and don’t need further mapping.

The usual research question is
whether the patient was on oxigen support and at what period of time.
As for me only the group 4

is reliable enough. And it gives the exact answer when the therapy starts and ends.
So I agree that Group 4 is supposed to be mapped to both Oxygen therapy Procedure or its descendants and Drug oxygen ingredient.

One can say that we can lost a lot of possibly useful concepts, I would check this looking at several patient stories, i.e. timelines when concepts from different groups appear

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