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Dear community,

Is there an overview of potentially available data sources in the OMOP CDM format? I found this which seems to be outdated.



One option is to look at the publications on Community Dashboard, which was just recently updated. The Data Network in particular would have this information for each study. For example Eumaeus has its data sources referenced here.

I have not seen a consolidated list like the one you referenced, but hopefully looking at a few study protocols data sources can get you most of the way to what is needed.

If you need a fake data source for testing or development reasons, the Eunomia package is the easiest, and there is the Synthea ETL for a more customizable dataset.

@felixw , in our OHDSI Annual Report, ‘Our Journey’, we list out all data sources that have been reported to us as having adopted the OMOP CDM. The 2023 Our Journey report is available here: https://www.ohdsi.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/OHDSI-Book2023.pdf. Check out pages 46-47 for OMOP CDM Adoption, and read more about the OHDSI Evidence Network on pages 48-49.

Thanks for your answers!

@Patrick_Ryan How would reporting a data source to OHDSI work?