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Overview of research topics

Hello everyone.
Has anyone heard of an overview of research field in which the OMOP CDM is used?

  • … x in Pharmacology
  • … x in Ophtalmology
  • … x in Rare Diseases
  • … x in Cardiology
    and so on.
    Has something like this been done already?

Thanks in advance for all your answers.
Kind regards
Mareike Przysucha

one overview is here: https://www.ohdsi-europe.org/index.php/publications

if you do view source, it actually goes to here https://bibbase.org/u/prijnbeek/d/OHDSI

I wish it would be exportable. :frowning:

You can try to use pubmed tools to fetch keywords for each publication and in a script make such classification

Wonderful, thank you!!