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Overlapping Payer Plan Periods?

Wanted to add a forum chat for this THEMIS issue:

One of the items that came out of the OHDSI Symposium Themis F2F was if overlapping Payer Plan Periods are allowed.

Payer plan periods are allowed to overlap with other payer plan periods for a patient.

Update PAYER_PLAN_PERIOD wiki conventions


I agree with this recommendation. We did this when mapping SEER-Medicare data since patients have different time frames when they have Part A, Part B and Part D. We made a PAYER_PLAN_PERIOD for each plan they were enrolled in and then chose a certain combination of plans that constituted an OBSERVATION_PERIOD so each person only had one OBSERVATION_PERIOD but potentially multiple PAYER_PLAN_PERIODs.


Looking like we are still feeling okay with this as a community?