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Outdated postgres driver in docker-compose.yml when using BroadSea


I am following the instruction here to install OHDSI stack in docker container, and Atlas is not starting because the mis-matched postgres driver. The postgres database in use is too new for the driver that is used by docker-compose.yml.

Here is what I see inside the container:


root@67f0ec518471:/usr/local/tomcat/webapps/WebAPI/WEB-INF/lib# ls -l postgresql-9.4-1201-jdbc41.jar 
-rw-r----- 1 root root 648487 Aug 11 2015 postgresql-9.4-1201-jdbc41.jar

and as you can see, the driver is from 2015. Now, my question is, how should I change docker-compose.yml so I can use a newer driver?

I tried the following,

- datasource_driverClassName=postgresql-42.2.20.jar

and I also added the new driver jar, postgresql-42.2.20.jar, to /tmp/drivers mounted directory, none of these worked. Could someone please kindly help?

Many thanks!