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Other Radiotherapies

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Online Adaptive Radiation Therapy. Need coding advice

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NAACCR ITEM 1502 Phase I External Beam Radiation Planning Technique
NAACCR ITEM 1512 Phase II External Beam Radiation Planning Technique
NAACCR ITEM 1522 Phase II| External Beam Radiation Planning Technique

All have the possible values:

Code Label
00 No radiation treatment
01 External beam, NOS
02 Low energy x-ray/photon therapy
03 2-D therapy
04 Conformal or 3-D conformal therapy
05 Intensity modulated therapy
06 Stereotactic radiotherapy or radiosurgery, NOS
07 Stereotactic radiotherapy or radiosurgery, robotic.
08 Stereotactic radiotherapy or radiosurgery, Gamma Knife?
09 CT-guided online adaptive therapy
10 MR-guided online adaptive therapy
88 Not Applicable
98 Other, NOS
99 Unknown

Thus, once NAACCR is ingested into the OMOP vocabulary tables, it seems that either ‘09’ ‘CT-guided online adaptive therapy’ or ‘10’ MR-guided online adaptive therapy’ would be the right choice.

Beyond assessing NAACCR for its suitability for supporting the encoding of oncology diagnosis modifiers, could you please assess NAACCR for its suitability for encoding oncology diagnosis treatments and oncology treatment modifiers?

See here for the most easily inspectable representation of NAACCR treatment variables:


(JD Liddil) #3

NAACCR/SSER/AJCC are what we use for all our data. Once NAACCR is in OMOP most our issues will go away. The next hurdle will be the NGS testing for Immuno-oncology